March 6, 2010
REGINA gallery, Moscow

The NEW STRUCTURES show of the REGINA Gallery presents new works of Moscow artist. The viewers will see painted works and the TEMPTATION object at it.

The first paintings by Natasha Struchkova from the FUTURUSSIA series were displayed at the 2002 ART-MANEZH International Art Fair, and the viewers immediately fell for them. The combination of modern digital scenes from the distant future of Moscow and classic media (oil on canvas) looked paradoxical at first, but the persistence in mixing the characters from different époques – warriors from Vasnetsov’s paintings, Khryusha and Stepashka, a piglet and a hare puppets from the broadcast for children, the monument to Peter the Great from our époque and numerous robots, new fascinating subjects (including the robotic invasion of the Moscow Kremlin) – made Struchkova’s art captivating for viewers of different generations.


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